Fire Safety Training

Train your staff in fire safety with our live fire extinguisher trainer


Every business must have a designated ‘Responsible and Competent Person’ whose job it is to makes sure Fire Safety training duties are carried out, and that action is taken to both prevent fires and prevent injury or death if a fire actually occurs.

As there are nearly twenty thousand commercial fires in the UK each year, these are important duties that should be taken seriously.  It is recommended that the ‘Responsible Person’ uses a professional fire safety business to help deliver their business’s requirements.

What are the rules?

Your entire team should know what to do in the event of fire and new employees must be shown what to do when they join your business. Here are a few examples of good practices.

  1. UK fire safety legislation requires the following with regards to fire safety training:
  2. Refresher training should be delivered regularly – typically this is annually
  3. Fire safety training updates are needed if there are any changes such as building alterations
  4. You must carry out regular fire drills
  5. You must appoint people, often known as Fire Marshals or Wardens, to assist in the safe evacuation staff, contractors and visitors
  6. Use fire extinguishers where appropriate
  7. Make contact with the emergency services
  8. Assist with the evacuation

We recommend that your Fire Marshals are trained by fire safety professionals and here at Assessed Risk Ltd, this is something we specialise in.  All of our instructors are highly qualified with years of experience and have relevant qualifications in Fire, Fire Safety and Teaching.


Assessed Risk Ltd can provide three types of fire safety training. These can be conducted at your premises, minimising the impact upon your business.


These theory fire safety sessions are delivered using PowerPoint and cover all aspects of fire safety. This can be tailored for staff members with additional responsibilities, including Fire Wardens. Sessions can also cover evacuation chairs and how to use them safety.


This is a practical firefighting introduction session using fire extinguishers and an LPG extinguisher training simulator. Staff members can build their confidence in realistic conditions interacting with fire in controlled and safe conditions.


Individuals can complete fire safety training using our on-line training app, which includes test questions and certification upon successful completion.

Many businesses use a mixture of all three to meet their legal obligations.  Assessed Risk Ltd can tailor these sessions to meet your needs using qualified and certified instructors.