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Fire Safety Log & E-learning

A Fire Safety Log is required to be prepared to assist the ‘Responsible Person’ in coordinating and maintaining a fire safety record keeping system.

There is no statutory requirement to maintain a Fire Safety Log, but Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the ‘Responsible Person’ for premises to ensure that all fire safety facilities, equipment and devices are maintained in efficient working order and in good repair. Furthermore, Article 21 states that where there are employees, they should be provided with adequate safety training.

The Order also requires that tests, maintenance and safety training are capable of being audited to ensure they are being carried out. The most effective way of demonstrating compliance is to keep records, and a Log Book is one way of doing it.

How can Assessed Risk Help?

Assessed Risk Limited are excited to introduce our new fire safety portal which allows a single digitised solution for storing your fire safety tests, maintenance and safety training information as well as providing on-line training for your staff.

This will help with meeting your legal responsibilities as the ‘Responsible Person’ by securely storing your information whilst training your staff.

If you would like a free demonstration or to discuss this further contact us on 0800 634 9868.


Fire Safety Log