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Fire Extinguishers

Assessed Risk Ltd can design, provide, install and maintain fire extinguishers within your premises.  We can also provide rental packages to suit your businesses needs.

We only use fire extinguishers, which are of a high quality (Not Budget), Kite marked, CE marked to current British standards and are also BAFE Approved.  As standard, fire extinguishers supplied during a service come with a 5 year warranty, fully commission serviced and labelled with a certificate lasting 12 months for fire inspection and insurance purposes.


There is a large misconception that a brand new fire extinguisher purchased can simply be installed into a business premises.  This is wrong, even brand new fire extinguishers MUST be commissioned and serviced as described in British Standards 5306-3 Annex B, taking into account the safety precautions given in Annex C

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Buy Extinguishers

Our extinguishers can be purchased for the following costs.  We can supply other sizes and Wet Chemical Extinguishers.  Contact us for sizes and costs:

6 LTR Water Fire Extinguisher        £45.00 (+VAT)

6LTR Foam Fire Extinguisher           £45.00 (+VAT)

6LTR Powder Fire Extinguisher      £45.00 (+VAT)

2KG CO2 Fire Extinguisher              £52.00 (+VAT)


Renting Extinguishers

Our rental plans can be tailored to your requirements but unit prices are as follow

 Unit Type                             Days 1-7                                      Days 7+

6 LTR Water Fire Extinguisher       £8 per day (+VAT)                  £11 per day (+VAT)

6LTR Foam Fire Extinguisher        £8 per day (+VAT)                  £11 per day (+VAT)

6LTR Powder Fire Extinguisher    £8 per day (+VAT)                  £11 per day (+VAT)

2KG CO2  Fire Extinguisher          £8 per day (+VAT)                  £11 per day (+VAT)

Again, other sizes and types can be supplied, contact us for a quote.

Any items significantly damaged or missing will be charged at the purchase cost. Damaged or repairable will be charged accordingly. All extinguishers should be returned in clean condition as supplied. Please note our Terms & Conditions.