Fire Risk Assessment & Fire Safety Training

Prices from just £250 for an on-site assessment and £25 per person for training*


Assessed Risk Limited are a highly experienced fire prevention company with fire engineers who have the highest level of experience, skill and education. The aim of this is to provide you with the confidence that you are working with an excellent fire prevention practitioner and partner.

Our team have decades of Fire safety knowledge and are all registered with the institute of fire engineers.

We provide trained and qualified assessors and our experience within the Fire Service, coupled with a thorough knowledge of fire safety issues and the Regulations, means you will never need to be concerned about the Fire Service visit your premises, because your fire safety arrangements will meet their requirements.

Fire Risk Assessments

Don’t put your business at risk. Contact us now to see how we can help you

Fire Safety Training

We can offer a variety of training courses, tailored to your specific needs.

Fire Safety Professionals

We have decades of experience, ensuring your safety and satisfaction is guaranteed

Fire Safety Solutions for All Sectors

If you are a business owner who’s looking to comply with the latest fire risk assessment legislation then our team can help. We are extremely experienced and have helped countless businesses, as well as charities, voluntary organisations and landlords to comply with their legal obligations. We are registered with the institute of fire engineers.

Our expert advice is Just a phone call away. Whether your company is a small start-up or an already-established organisation, we can help. A business owner must have a person who is responsible for their premises and you must carry out a fire safety risk assessment. We can help to implement this and assist with maintaining a fire management plan.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Ensure your business is compliant with the latest legislation

Fire Extinguishers

Install and maintain fire extinguishers within your premises

Fire Safety Training

Train your staff in fire safety with our live fire training sessions

Fire Alarm & Lighting

We can service your fire alarm and emergency lighting

Fire Doors

Helping to ensure your fire doors are compliant and keep you safe

Fire Safety Log

Our digital log is ideal for recording fire safety information

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