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Fire Safety Rating Scheme

Fire Safety Rating Scheme In response to an increase in businesses wanting to improve their fire safety, Wiltshire based Assessed Risk have today announced the launch of their sister company, The Fire Safety Rating Scheme. This is a revolutionary scheme and the first of its kind in the UK. The Fire Safety Rating Scheme will…

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Assessed Risk Launch Online Safety Training. 25 April 2019

Assessed Risk Ltd, a leading Fire Risk Assessment company based in Wiltshire, have today announced the launch of a new online fire safety training tool.   The company already offer theoretical and practical fire safety training that have been a huge success in the marketplace, with customers often combining the classic classroom lessons with practical…

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Regulatory Reform

The Fire Door Regulations you Need to Know About

Like many other kinds of legislation, the regulations surrounding fire doors can seem bewildering.  However, they’re an important weapon in your arsenal when it comes to ensuring that you have mitigated the risk of a fire spreading through your building.  For this reason, it’s worth spending some time making sure that you are aware of…

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Types of Fire Extinguishers and their Uses

Knowing Your Fire Extinguisher Colours

As you would expect, fire extinguishers are subject to very rigorous regulations to ensure that they are safe to use, correctly labelled and easy to identify.  When a fire breaks out, however small, it can be confusing and disorientating – it’s critical that anyone who feels able to deploy an extinguisher is able to quickly…

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What are the ATEX 137 Regulations and Why Should You Care?

    ATEX 137 is the more commonly used name for Directive 99/92/EC, which was published by the EU in 1999.  It was designed to lay down the minimum requirements for ensuring the safety of of people working in environments where explosive atmospheres pose a risk.  In the UK, these regulations are enacted through the…

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A Guide to Fire Extinguishers in the Home

    It was recently highlighted in Parliament that the number of firefighters in England has dropped by around 11,000 – as a result, the number of fatalities recorded as a following domestic fires has risen by 20%.  Alongside installing smoke alarms, making sure that you have adequate equipment available to fight fire could very…

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What is DSEAR?

  DSEAR Most work places will hold flammable substances that have the potential to combust or explode.  These substances could be anything from a compressed flammable gas, fuels, dusts and powders to other items of equipment like a charging point for fork lift trucks. However, the common misconception is that these are assessed under the…

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fire prevention

What is the Most Effective Form of Fire Prevention? – Fire Prevention Tips

Fire prevention tips! In an ideal world, preventing fire would be as simple as removing all potential hazards from your sites; in reality, the probability of being able to do so is remote.  Whether you need flammable chemicals as part of your production process, or you’re a high tech business with a lot of electrical…

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fire safety training

Fire Safety Training for Employees – Is Your Business Protected?

Fire Safety Training Fire Safety Training for employees is a legal requirement in the UK and the HSE suggests that it is carried out at least annually.  Although it is a legal requirement, there are other equally important reasons for making sure that your staff are well trained and confident should the worst happen –…

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Fire Risk Assessments – How to Complete a Fire Risk Assessment

Preparing and completing fire risk assessments for your business can be incredibly daunting; The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 weighs in at a hefty 65 pages, and is unlikely to ever be referred to as ‘light reading’. So, how do you know that you’ve adequately protected yourself when you’re confronted by a paper that…

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