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What is an FRAEW?

A Fire Risk Assessment of the External Wall (FRAEW) is an assessment of the  external façade of a building. To formalise and support these assessments, new guidance is provided which is called PAS9980. This requires a five-step risk assessment process. It provides a methodology to assist in the identification of risk factors influencing the overall risk rating of a building, as well as mitigation steps that might improve the rating. PAS9980 was specifically developed for competent building professionals undertaking a Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls (FRAEW).

The publication of PAS9980 is anticipated to see the full commencement of the Fire Safety Act 2021, and the amendment of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to apply to multi-storey, multi occupancy residential buildings.

The Fire Safety Order requires the ‘responsible person’ usually the building owner or manager to make an assessment of the fire risks of a building that complies with the guidance in PAS9980. EWS1 SurveyThe assessment must be conducted by a qualified and competent professional and guidance is again provided along with the direction that the Responsible Person seek evidence of competence.

We have successfully carried out numerous EWS1 surveys and certified thousands of flats. Our methodology has been adapted to the requirements of PAS 9980 since it was published as draft guidance.

All our work includes a visit to the building by one of our qualified team for an initial visual assessment, and then completion of the five step assessment process. We are also able to provide an in-depth technical appraisal using fire engineering analysis to further refine the assessment of the risk posed by external walls on existing buildings.

Our engineers are registered with the Institute of Fire Engineers, Institute of Fire Safety Managers and the Confederation of Fire Protection Associations with a L4 Diploma in Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Management. They also have extensive fire behaviour and building safety knowledge.

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