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EWS1s are causing concern for many homeowners and property managers, but you’re not alone!

Assessed Risk Limited have been completing EWS1 forms, survey and assessments for many customers in locations around London, Essex, Surrey & Nottingham. We are fully accredited, insured and registered with the Fire Industry Association and the Institute of Fire Engineers.

We can attend you site, assess the property and provide you with an EWS1 form, a mortgage lender letter and a report.

If you are looking to complete an EWS1 why not give us a call or book a call back using the call back button. We can also provide advice and guidance in the ever changing landscape of EWS1.


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Scott Taylor MIFireE, MIFSM, CFPA E-Dip TC

Scott Taylor has worked as a fire professional for over 15 years working in the public and commercial sector. He likes to work with businesses as a partner, passing on knowledge and information in a pragmatic manner balancing risk, benefit and cost to ensure compliance.

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