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Whilst a fire safety log book is not a legal requirement to have, being able to provide information on fire safety testing, compliance and responsibilities is when requested by a Fire Officer.
Paper versions of these are readily available but how do you ensure it safety from loss, damage or misuse. With a growing demand to be less impact-full upon the environment, why not utilise a digital fire safety log?

Assessed Risk Limited has its very own digital fire safety log book available to ensure that you meet your legal requirements of fire safety testing, whilst safeguarding the information. The app also has e-learning in fire safety, a document library and the ability to cater for multiple sites.

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Scott Taylor MIFireE, MIFSM, CFPA E-Dip TC

Scott Taylor has worked as a fire professional for over 15 years working in the public and commercial sector. He likes to work with businesses as a partner, passing on knowledge and information in a pragmatic manner balancing risk, benefit and cost to ensure compliance.

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